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• You have the right to delete in-game data at any time by following the instructions below.
You can choose to delete your Ark Games account or game character. To delete data, please read and agree the instruction below about data deletion information first, and then confirm to submit the deletion information. Submitting removal information will prevent the Ark Games account or game character from logging in and starting the removal process. There is a 15-day "hesitation period" to undelete at any time. We will delete it within 10 working days after the "hesitation period" expires and the Ark Games account or game character information is verified to be correct.
• Information
(1) If you delete your Ark Games account, all game data under Ark Games will be deleted.
(2) After deleting the game character, you will not be able to use this account to log in to the game, nor will you be able to restore, obtain or display game data information.
(3) After deleting the game characters, please handle the in-game income (items, currency, monthly cards, etc.) as appropriate. Unprocessed income is amortized at your discretion.
(4) When a game character is deleted, the character information will not be displayed to other players in the game, and the entire character data will be deleted or anonymized.
(5) If you delete a game account with multiple characters in the game, all characters will not be able to log in or view, as if you were dealing with an account that included one or more characters.
(6) Make sure that there are no incomplete transactions or recharge orders in progress.
(7) Make sure your Ark Games account or game character is safe (not hacked/banned), your account password is not shared with others, and you are successfully logged out.
(8) If a character is deleted, you will not be able to log in to the deleted character. If you log into the game with the same account, a new character will be created.
(9) If your account is cancelled, you will not be able to log in, but you can re-register with the same account name.

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